McNeeley Appraisals LLC has been working in Elmhurst for about 10 years, with extensive knowledge of the city and its distinct neighborhoods and school districts.  We understand that Elmhurst is a dynamic city, dynamically changing with new construction, tear downs, and is truly a city transitioning for the future.   At McNeeley Appraisals, we understand the vast differences in locations within Elmhurst, be it the Cottage Hill neighborhood, to Berens Park,  Emery Manor, Tuxedo Park, Bryn Haven, College View, Cherry Hill, Crescent Park, Stratford Hills and others.  We have also gathered extensive information from city council members on the mitigation of flooding in Elmhurst that had persisted over the years, but seems to have been resolved by recent upgrades to the city's infrastructure.  We are also aware of the many revitalization projects under way in the city center, including renovation of the train depot, and the new condo projects on First St.  We truly are real estate experts in Elmhurst, so give us a call today about your valuation needs in the great and beautiful city of Elmhurst.